Thursday, 2 June 2011

School Photo, Age 8

There is a reason I posted this horrifyingly old photo of myself on my blog. It's for my blog buddy K.B. (Kathy) Owen, who was brave enough to post her school photos on HER blog. She double dared me - not exactly, but I figured I owed her, since she shared her photos.

Check out the glasses. I think those are actually back in style. Girls were envious of my long hair. But probably not my bangs. (Mother, what were you thinking?) We wore uniforms in those days. White blouses and tunics with a sash. God, I'm older than dirt. Thanks a lot, Kathy (kidding)!


  1. LOL! Loved the braids. And you're right - the glasses are coming back.

    Way to face your inner child! Thx for posting it. :))

  2. Ahh, you looked darling. Love the glasses and braids.

    I tagged you over at my blog. So tag! You're it.