Monday, 30 May 2011

Cheap Shoes

I was born in February, which means I'm a Pisces. According to the rules of astrology, this means I'm ruled by my feet. Apparently, it's my feet and toes that cause me the most anxiety. 

I would believe this even if I'd never read anything about horoscope signs. My feet seem to be the lightening rod for the rest of me. If my feet are cold, my whole body is cold. I spend a lot of money on foot massages, pedicures, creams, files and toenail polish. Oh yes, and shoes.

There are women out there who wear size 5, so they get incredible deals on shoes. They can wear sandals with tiny straps, thin soles and no support. They can walk effortlessly for miles on sexy, 3 inch heels.  

I'm not that woman. Even as a teenager, I was never that woman.

I wear size 9. I used to wear 8 1/2, until I had children and my feet got bigger. I thought it was imagination, but my doctor informed me that when you're pregnant, all the cartilage in your body softens (especially around the pelvis) to prepare for childbirth. This includes the cartilage in your feet. So the collateral damage of pregnancy -- along with stretch marks and a pot belly -- can be bigger feet. 

Just what I needed. Bigger feet. Anyway, I'm not alone. A lot of women wear size 9. I know this because whenever there's a sale on shoes, there are no size 9's left. Only size 5's. Does anyone out there have the same problem, or am I being paranoid? 

So I usually lose out on shoe sales. And I can't just walk into any old store and pick up cheap shoes. I need to buy good quality footwear, or I'll regret it in the form of pinched toes, giant blisters and aggravation of my chronic plantar fasciitis. My local foot clinic recommends that I buy shoes that can accommodate my $300 orthotics.  The problem is, sometimes the best shoe for my foot means the ugliest shoe available. 

I absolutely refuse to wear something like this. I'd rather ditch the orthotics and suffer through blisters until I'm screaming in agony. I pride myself on my personal style, and it doesn't include ugly, clunky shoes.

So I compromise. I do own a few shoes that fit my orthotics, which I wear at work or running around. But the rest of the shoes in my closet are expensive, well made, real leather, stylish shoes that are worth every penny of what I paid for them, and I paid a lot. 

But when your feet rule, you have no choice.



  1. Oh how I love me some shoes! You can never have enough. My husband thinks I'm nuts, "Don't you already have like three pairs of black high heels? Why do you need another?"

    Men. They just don't get it.

    I love shoes. I love different shoes (I love to go to the consignment shops and buy the crazy shoes--used, yes, but their AWESOME).

    I need a bigger closet.

  2. I know, aren't shoes great? My hubby doesn't get it either. Nor does he get my purse addiction. You need purses to go with all those shoes, right? LOL!