Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fool

I'm an April fool and I always will be. Every year somebody gets me. I'm very gullible. My husband doesn't even have to change it up. Every April 1st it's the same thing. 'Wow, look at the giant bunny in the back yard!' I run to the window. 'REALLY? Where?' He laughs and points. I'm an easy target.

This April Fools Day something weird is happening. The internet is down on one of the laptops. Not both, just one. And my PC is really slow, I can't do any online banking. Not so bad, since it gives me time to blog before I go to work. On top of that it's Friday. Friday's can be freaky in my house. I think there might even be a full moon behind those clouds. So far this morning I've tripped over things, stubbed my toe, and the toilet overflowed. I wonder what's in store this afternoon? 

1 comment:

  1. aww!!! HAHAHA!!!! That's so funny!!!! I was thinking if he would do the "bunny" joke again! obviously i couldn't this year! LOL I was going to tell you I saw a bear jump out on the street this morning but after dad tricked me about losing leroy i decided to stop tricking people! LOL A deer actually jumped out on the street I would just be embellishing it! How's the toe and toilet doing? :P LOL