Wednesday, 30 March 2011

So what exactly is a Chick Dick?

Glad you asked. A chick dick is a female sleuth, a woman detective, a girl gumshoe - you get the picture. She's a modern day Nancy Drew, and like Nancy, a Chick Dick is:

1) An amateur (i.e. she doesn't accept payment for solving mysteries)
2) Smart (when it comes to solving mysteries, at least. Not so much when it comes to men or relationships)
3) Brave (she'll usually go where angels fear to tread, since her heart rules her head)

Unlike Nancy, a Chick Dick is:

1) Not rich (she must work for a living, like most of us)
2) Not footloose and fancy free (she has a ton of baggage)
3) Not blessed with a normal family (they are either not around or she wishes they weren't)

Nancy Drew is great role model, but let's face it. How many eighteen year olds drive around in a convertible, have a rich Daddy, a great housekeeper, a wonderful boyfriend and no personal problems? I'd venture to say very few. So the Chick Dick characters are more realistically portrayed for the benefit of today's reader.

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