Thursday, 24 March 2011

Chapter Two - The Velveteen Author

The Velveteen Author thought the FairyGodWriter’s attitude was pessimistic and not very helpful. Easy for her to say ‘write for yourself’ and don’t worry about getting published, the Author thought. The Fairy had been out of the writing game a long time. Too long, obviously.
So the Author kept submitting, because she thought her manuscript was the best she had ever written, and it was hell of a lot more interesting that anything she picked up at Chapters.
The editors still said ‘no’. They said it in different ways.
“This book is a mystery,” Editor One said. “We don’t do mysteries.”
“But it’s so much more than a simple mystery,” said the Author.
“We don’t do mysteries,” Editor One repeated.
Editor Two made a face. “It’s neither fish nor fowl.”
“What does that mean?” asked the Author.
“It means I wouldn’t know how to categorize it. It should fit into what we already publish.”
“But your website says your publishing company is looking for fresh, new, creative voices.”
“That fit into the stuff we already publish,” insisted Editor Two.
Editor Three thought the pace of the book was too slow. Editor Four thought the pace was too fast, there was too much dialogue. Editor Five thought the ending was too ‘chick lit’. Editor Six said she was way too busy to take new authors, even though her website insisted she was actively lo0king for ‘fresh, new, creative voices.’
The Velveteen Author grew more and more discouraged, and finally decided what she must do.
“I need an agent,” she decided.

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