Thursday, 21 April 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Just finished a week in Sin City. Lots of fun, except I was fighting a cold. I refused to stay in bed even though I probably should have, and walking around was exhausting. It was worth losing at the slot machines just to sit in a chair. Plus they give you free drinks. I thought about buying one of those huge 100 ounce Margeritas that people wear around their necks, but I'm not a big tequila fan.

We really enjoyed Fremont Street, the old Las Vegas. The casinos are less intimidating ($3 tables) and the atmosphere is like a carnival. We saw Menopause: The Musical, and I highly recommend it. The shopping here is amazing too, and of course I brought home a ton of stuff, including another handbag to add to my collection.

Speaking of addictions, I'm not much of a gambler, and I usually stick to the slots, but our last night here I played at the blackjack table and won $50. I never win anything. What a rush.

I'll miss the free valet parking. Sure would be handy to be drive up to a store, or work, or anywhere, and not bother having to park. 

Adios, amigos. 

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  1. Ahh Vegas...gotta love it. I'm not much of a gambler at all (makes me too nervous and then I just make stupid mistakes and lose). BUT the shopping is awesome--especially the outlets. I was just there a few weeks ago, flying out to go to Hawaii, and I went a little shopping. Almost bought a purple purse, except I knew I'd have no where to store it--not a lot of room in my luggage. But I keep thinking about that purse and my missed opportunity.

    Oh, got the Kindle version of your book :)